A letter from a friend:

 The 17th of October 2013 01:50 Am
I've been wondering about sadness a lot lately. I wonder if it's like boredom. So I discovered that boredom generates creativity. I wonder if sadness generates hapiness. Now that I've thought this thought I realise that I might have chosen to be sad, no wait.
We choose what we are. That can't be right. What if we choose..there are quite some choices around. But why? I wonder if writing these down makes them something else than thoughts. I mean, I might have the time to control what I write better than how I control my thoughts. So thoughts can be controlled. And via thought the reality is controllable; now I think about her.
I keep getting back to her, or maybe she keeps getting back to me. She never actually wanted to come, she just wanted to see where I'm going. I'm okay with that, I don't afford not to be. I'm really stupid at this hour of the day, and I find this shit funny as hell. I don't think that what is written here is funny, but I see myself writing this and now this is a hilarious image.

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