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      If your daughter asks you for 100 bucks for some new boots she had seen in a shop, would you have her do the dishes for a week, a month, or some in other words have her do some work in order to earn those 100 bucks? You're most likely not going to do that. The highest probability is that you would simply hand her the money and let her have the boots she wants, simply because she is family.  
      Well, what is stopping us from creating just a bit larger communities and do the same for each and other member? I'm not talking about tens of thousands or thousands members. I'm talking about maybe 100, or even less, a couple dozen members. This would still be better than anything we (humans) acomplished so far. And I'm not talking about a handful of people supporting all the others, that would be just unfare, but that is one extreme case. The extreme case shouldn't prevent us from helping each other freely. And when I say freely I mean "give" a helping hand instead of borrow one. 
      In today's society, so many things can be obtained with money that most of times helping others will be possible with some money. If you can directly help another (aka. give him the food he needs over giving him money to buy food) that's great, but sometimes you can't. If you're gonna help some friend (and you should have plenty) with money, consider giving him instead of borrowing. The key to building a sustainable comunity would be to aquire the ability to fullfill all our needs, that includes but not only: water, energy, food, medical care and the infrastructure for advancement. 
     So basicaly, all you would need to build the infrastructure for a sustainable comunity is enough arable (workable) land to provide food for about 100 humans over the year (replace 100 by your desired community size), a source of clean water (or means to aquire it without the use of money; for example if you live by the seaside you can get clean water by boiling and recovering sea water), an energy distribution system (solar energy is the most versatile source, but there are countless clean energy sources which you can harness, depending on your geolocation..and add a bit of electrical infrastructure to the source of your choice) and a couple of people who got the skills to heal others (I recommend farmacists over medics, but a mix of the two is the best). If you build a small neighbourhood containing all these, congratulations, you just escaped the money subdueing system. 
[Consider researching: 
    Wallipini(underground greenhouse)--
    Medical stuff, you should research on your own. Contact me at for related chat. I have a friend researching farmacy related stuffs so I might get valuable links and resources from him if one should be interested.
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